Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Great Question

Dear Jason Adair the UNlicensed Therapist,
This is not material for a stand up comedy routine. 30 years ago, Naivete was my name, being so hopeful with this process of being found by a wonderful partner. Not perfect, but mine. Now I am not patient with the waiting process after the last and only one said: I've got to go and find myself. People rave about internet dating; I'm sure he is enrolled. He is going to do everything right this time. Naivete is restrained by distrust and hopelessness. I can not believe in the process and the values of my generation. I never thought I would long for intimacy again. I am not a head turner. Positives: I walk, I volunteer, I work, I spiritualize with no words. The rants of Job are not that popular, and I might be able to move back in those circles again if I don't want to burn my bridges with the forgiving types and my friends. So here I am. Suggestions, please from your generation who might believe some of your tripe. Pilated Woodpecker

Dear Piliated,

Sincerely confused,
Jason Adair the Unlicensed Therapist