Monday, April 28, 2008

The Race Against Racism

Dear Jason Adair Unlicensed Therapist,
Barack Obama seems idealistic and a bit unrealistic to me. I have a hard time admitting this as I'm worried it makes me a racist. Does it?

Don't Want to Offend Anyone

Dear Don't,
Whether you're racist or not is not really the issue here. Since you're having trouble admitting these feelings, the real problem is that you're concerned of being perceived as a racist. It's this fear that keeps a lot of people from speaking their mind about important topics, like oppression, hate crimes, and why most breakfasts are really deserts disguised with a sprig of parsley. Your participation in this charade is contributing to the covering of polite American society in eggshells which we are all forced to walk on, which is leading us down a path littered with horribly conceived junior college "artwork" we all have to endure when we want to audit a figure drawing class.

The biggest favor you could do for America and yourself is to break the mold and let out the hateful, misogynistic, bigoted, shallow little person you keep locked up inside. I know that might seem idealistic and a bit unrealistic to you, but I'm sure it's much more believable coming from a middle aged white man.

You're welcome,

Jason Adair
the Unlicensed Therapist

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